An Ōtepoti Summer

A Walk In My Own Backyard.

Boat Shed on Otago Harbour in Summer.

What a wonderful place New Zealand is during summer. The country comes alive with boats, surfboards, bikes, slushies and ice creams that drip onto the footpath. The days are long, the weather is deliciously warm and the summer evenings perfect for drinking a glass or two of your favourite drop while the air is filled with the smell of the classically Kiwi bbq sizzling away as the sun slips from sight. 

Yes, it’s these idealistic and wistful perspective’s of summer I hold on to as I patiently wait for 9 months to pass and summer to roll around once more on December the 1st.

Of course, my memories of summer might suggest I live in fictitious times as Dunedin’s summer doesn’t seem to truly get going until mid January. Let’s remember the weather leading up to New Years Day had been average at best and 3 days of heavy rain caused widespread flooding. Thankfully though summer found us here in the south of Aeotearoa. Meaning, we could soak up some rays while following our Prime Ministers advice. Explore your own backyard.

The St Clair backyard on a stunning Sunday morning

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