A Rugged Paradise

Exhibition 2011

Back in mid 2010, I set myself the challenge of putting together a solo photographic exhibition to show case my work. Having no experience in setting up shows whatsoever, I naively thought it would simply be a case of choosing a few images, buying some frames, finding a display space and inviting a few friends. The reality was very different. I quickly found myself conversing with professional art dealers in topics I had never thought of, thinking about art in a whole new way and the very being of who I am, challenged. What follows is a rerelease of my 2011 exhibition, A Rugged Paradise.

Welcome, I am pleased to present to you the inaugural solo photographic exhibition by John Caswell, released in October 2011. The exhibition features beautiful crafted landscape images from around the Dunedin are. The exhibition draws providence from ‘The Rugged Paradise’ that the early Scottish settlers found when they landed in Dunedin (New Edinburgh) in 1841. 

Traveling slightly off the beaten track, over 26 contemporary photographs are on display, ranging from the Otago Peninsula and travelling down the east coast to St Clair and beyond, as well as venturing inland over the Taieri Plans and through the Dunedin Bush. 

This exposition celebrates the rocky, harsh, yet beautiful place that is Dunedin.

Wooden Poles On St Clair BeachWooden Poles On St Clair Beach (St Clair Beach, 2010).

A Rugged Paradise – Collection Selection

Exaltation To The New DayExaltation To The New Day (Ross Creek Reserve, 2011).

Wearisome Stream Flow ForthWearisome Stream Flow Forth (Ross Creek Reserve, 2009).

Abandoned House (Only Memories Remain #1)Abandoned House – Only Memories Remain #1, (Papanui Inlet, 2010).

Savaged By The WindSavaged By The Wind (Cape Saunders, 2011).

WinterWinter (Tomahawk 2011)

Allan's BeachAllan’s Beach (Allan’s Beach, 2011).

Long Beach HillsideLong Beach Hillside (Long Beach, 2011).

Purakanui InletPurakanui Inlet (Purakanui, 2011).

GraffitiGraffiti (Taiaroa Heads, 2011).

A Rugged Paradise, Live Now – See The Full Collection Now.

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  1. I remember going to that exhibition and it was great to see those amazing photographs again Thank you for reminding us all John. As usual a lovely surprise every Wednesday

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